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Fixing Debian depenencies using fake package


Few days ago, I noticed odd problem with koha-common package. It depends on mysql-client which on squeeze tries to install version 5.1 which conflicts with my installation which uses Percona MySQL build. How can we fix this? As it turns out, it rather easy. I will just create fake package ... pročitajte više

Building custom OpenWRT image for home router


Finally I decided to upgrade my wireless network to 802.11n, and to do so I picked up cheap TP-Link TL-WR740N and decided to install OpenVPN, n2n and munin node on it. This is where the problems started because simple opkg install openvpn filled up whole file-system. Instead of declaring fail ... pročitajte više

Moja Afrika

18.1.2014. pročitajte više

Load balancing Redis and MySQL with HAproxy


It's a common occurrence to have two and more load balancers as frontends to databases at high traffic sites. I've used the open-source HAproxy like this, and have seen others use it. Building this infrastructure and getting the traffic distributed evenly is not really the topic I'd like to write ... pročitajte više

Raspberry Pi breakout board and USBee AX Pro clone


As you know by now, few months ago I built 433 MHz control of power sockets using rc-switch. Since then, I somehow lost remote control for it so I decided to have more permanent solution than bunch of wires. This time around I also used USBee AX Pro clone to ... pročitajte više




Hacklab u mami

Hacklab u mami je javni radni prostor tehnoloških entuzijasta u klubu mama. Inicirala ga je grupa okupljena oko programa Razmjena vještina.
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